Choosing Your NYC Borough: Insights from Albert Dweck, CEO of Duke Properties

NYC Borough

The Bronx: Elevating Your View

If you appreciate being perched on top, relishing a high vantage point and scenic views, then the Bronx may be calling your name. Green spaces and parks hold a special place in your heart, and you desire proximity to the action without being engulfed by it. Embracing the subway as a true New Yorker, you thrive on having fantastic restaurants and bars within arm’s reach. And if you can endure the occasional tourist encounter, the Bronx proudly boasts the largest metropolitan zoo in the country.

Queens: A Culinary Explorer’s Haven

Insights from Albert Dweck

For those who fancy themselves as “foodies,” with an insatiable appetite for exploring diverse cuisines, Queens is a gastronomic paradise. While Manhattan is a bit too close for comfort, you revel in occasional visits, all the while enjoying the cultural offerings of your borough, including noteworthy museums. If the travel bug has bitten you, whether for work or leisure, the prospect of breezing through security lines at JFK and LaGuardia is an added allure.

Brooklyn: Where Cool Meets Convenience

Brooklyn – Albert Dweck

If you exude coolness, seek a slice of the action without being engulfed by it, and desire easy access to the city’s offerings, Brooklyn is your playground. Choosing to navigate on foot or by bike, with the subway as a reliable companion, you strike a balance between the vibrant chaos of Manhattan and the serene pockets of Brooklyn. And of course, you proudly assert that the borough holds the crown for the best pizza in the city.

Manhattan: Main Character

Manhattan: Main Character Energy -Albert Dweck,-Duke Properties
Manhattan: Main Character


For those radiating main character energy, Manhattan is the natural stage for your narrative. Positioned at the heart of the city deemed the center of the universe, you thrive on the hustle and bustle. Walkability to an abundance of bodegas, restaurants, bars, and museums is non-negotiable. Tranquility might find its place in Central Park, but you willingly trade it for the convenience and perpetual excitement that Manhattan offers. And that subtle swagger when you declare “Manhattan” as your residence? Priceless.

Staten Island: Embracing the Forgotten Borough

Staten Island
Staten Island

Staten Island, often dubbed New York City’s “forgotten borough,” finds a special place in your heart. Craving a quiet neighborhood with ample personal space, perhaps even a yard to assert your dominion, you prioritize parks and nature. As a proud car owner, you relish the tranquility of Staten Island and its green expanses. Commuting to Manhattan is a choice, not a necessity, and if you do, the iconic (and free!) Staten Island Ferry is your preferred mode of transport.

In the vast mosaic of New York City, each borough tells a unique story. The key lies in finding the chapter that resonates with your lifestyle, and as the city evolves, so too do the narratives that unfold within its boroughs.


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