About Albert Dweck

Hello, I’m Albert Dweck, the founder and CEO of Duke Properties. My journey in the real estate industry began in 2001, and since then, I’ve been passionately leading all aspects of Duke Properties’ real estate activities.

My Role at Duke Properties

As the founder and CEO of Duke Properties, my role is multifaceted and dynamic. I oversee all aspects of our real estate activities, ensuring that each step, from planning and acquisition to marketing, sales, and leasing, is executed to perfection.

Planning: The planning phase is crucial in our operations. It involves identifying potential investment opportunities, conducting thorough market research, and developing strategic plans for each property. This meticulous planning ensures that we make informed decisions that align with our investment goals.

Acquisition: I lead the acquisition process, which involves negotiating deals and managing the purchase of properties. My extensive experience and knowledge of the real estate market enable me to identify properties with high potential for returns.

Financing: Managing the financial aspects of our operations is a key part of my role. This includes securing funding, managing budgets, and ensuring the financial viability of our projects. I work closely with financial institutions and investors to secure the necessary capital for our operations.

Marketing and Sales: I oversee the marketing and sales strategies for our properties. This involves determining the optimal pricing strategies, promoting our properties through various channels, and negotiating sales contracts to ensure the best outcomes.

Leasing: For our rental properties, I manage the leasing process. This includes setting rental rates, marketing the properties to potential tenants, and managing lease agreements. I strive to maintain high occupancy rates to ensure steady revenue streams.

Maintenance: I ensure that all our properties are well-maintained and meet the highest standards of quality. This involves overseeing regular maintenance tasks, managing renovations and upgrades, and addressing any issues that arise.

Since founding Duke Properties in 2001, I’ve been the managing principal of over 40 real estate partnerships, with approximately 500 units under management in the North Eastern United States. This hands-on experience has allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the industry and has solidified Duke Properties’ reputation in the real estate sector.

Education and Certifications

My educational journey has been a cornerstone in my career in the real estate industry. It began at the prestigious New York University Stern School of Business, where I pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. During my time at NYU Stern, I immersed myself in the study of business administration and management, laying the groundwork for my future role as the CEO of Duke Properties.

In 1993, I had the unique opportunity to broaden my horizons and gain a global perspective on business administration and management at the Sanno Institute of Management in Tokyo, Japan. This intensive training program allowed me to understand the international real estate market and its intricacies, which has been invaluable in my work at Duke Properties.

Recognizing the importance of specialized knowledge in the real estate field, I pursued a certificate in real estate investment and finance from NYU, SCPS in 2003. This program provided me with a deep understanding of real estate finance, investment strategies, and market analysis. It equipped me with the tools to make informed investment decisions and maximize returns for Duke Properties.

In 2021, I completed a certificate in Strategy Execution from Harvard Online Business School. This program is designed to equip leaders with the tools and strategies needed to drive performance and achieve organizational goals. Through this program, I learned to master the essential skills of strategy execution, including how to design a strategy map, manage strategic initiatives, and create a balanced scorecard. These skills have been instrumental in ensuring that Albert Dweck Duke Properties continues to thrive in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

In addition to my formal education, I am a licensed real estate broker. This licensure not only validates my expertise in the field but also allows me to stay updated on the latest trends and regulations in the real estate industry.

Teaching Experience

Beyond my role at Duke Properties, I’ve had the privilege of serving as a Professor at the Real Estate Institute at NYU, SCPS. This role allowed me to share my extensive knowledge and insights with aspiring real estate professionals.

During my tenure as a professor, I taught a variety of courses that covered key aspects of the real estate industry. These courses ranged from real estate investment and finance to property management and real estate marketing. My teaching philosophy was centered around providing practical, hands-on knowledge that students could directly apply in their careers.

In addition to teaching, I also mentored students, providing guidance and advice to those interested in pursuing a career in real estate. This mentorship often extended beyond the classroom, as I helped students navigate the early stages of their careers, connect with industry professionals, and seize valuable opportunities.

My teaching experience was not only rewarding but also enriching. It allowed me to stay connected with the academic community, keep up-to-date with the latest research and trends in real estate, and inspire the next generation of real estate professionals. This experience has further solidified my commitment to the growth and development of the real estate industry.

Connect With Me

I invite you to explore my website to learn more about my journey, Duke Properties, and our unique investment strategies. This website serves as a platform for me to share my experiences, insights, and the lessons I’ve learned throughout my career in the real estate industry.

If you’re interested in real estate investment, I encourage you to check out the blog section. Here, I regularly share articles about the real estate industry, my experiences at Duke Properties, and tips for aspiring real estate investors. These articles are designed to provide valuable insights and practical advice to help you navigate the world of real estate investment.

Feel free to connect with me on various social media platforms. I’m active on LinkedinTwitterFacebookInstagram, and Youtube where I share updates about Duke Properties, industry news, and more. These platforms provide an excellent opportunity for us to engage in meaningful conversations about the real estate industry.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss potential collaborations or investment opportunities, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly through the contact form. I’m always open to new ideas and look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s continue the conversation about the exciting world of real estate and the journey of Albert Dweck Duke Properties.

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